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Manitoba Regional Lily Society

2021 Fall Bulb Sale - Online only via MRLS Facebook & Website


Thank you to Deborah Petrie for looking after the online Facebook portion of the Sale and keeping all the volunteers (those in the background) up to date with availability of bulbs.

Thanks to Marlene Puls, our Treasurer, for looking after the purchases.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this Fall Sale happen!!

This beautiful weather will allow everyone to get their bulbs safely in the ground and ready to enjoy  a nice restful sleep till next year.

Thank you everyone for purchasing and supporting the beautiful lily bulb.



2021 Spring Bulb Sale - Online only via MRLS Facebook


 Thank you to Leanne Dowd for the success of our "first" Spring Bulb Sale

Due to current restrictions we have not been able to have conventional in person Bulb Sales. The Board met and it was decided to host a Spring Sale - never done before. With the leadership of Leanne and the help of many hands it was held from March 21st to April 4th and thanks to our lily bulb growers and lily bulb customers, we had  a good sale.


Message from Leanne Dowd 

This spring marked the first spring bulb sale via Face-book. While past fall FB bulb sales have been successful, this first spring version proved to be overwhelmingly so with plenty of new customers from other provinces as well as our own being able to place orders.

Offering shipping across Canada increased the reach to those who couldn't otherwise attend a walk-in sale as well as brought the MRLS a measure of promotion we usually do not get in other provinces.

Many thanks to everyone who placed orders and was understanding and patient regarding the hiccups that came with this new sales format.

A shout out to those board members who generously gave of their time to navigate financial matters, helped with advertising, information and updating posts on Facebook, collected boxes for shipping and helped package and de-liver a good many orders.

It was clear from the sales volume and feedback that this is a popular way to offer bulbs for sale in spring and is something we will entertain the thought of doing again in the future.

Happy planting and growing everyone! We'll hear from you at the fall sale.




Stay safe!